Quick thrift Strasbourg, France

Strasbourg in Alsace was the first stop on our Easter trip. A lovely little city with the UNESCO World Heritage stamp of approval. What a treat to a have a wonderful pearl like… Les videre

Thrifty March Madness

Last month we drove all the way to Oldenburg to check out the goodies they don’t want anymore at the seasons first outdoor flea market.  Well, now we know we don’t have to… Les videre

Thrifty new guestroom

American bedroom set circa 1967 from Lane in dark walnut looks oh so Scandinavian today.  I wonder how many of these ended up in a landfill? Thankfully salvaged from my mom, who was sick to death of… Les videre

Are you a scrapper?

I use to like the idea of scrapbooking. At some point during scrapbooking evolution, the scrapping materials took over and the story you were trying to tell became hidden in the corner punched,… Les videre

Ode to Remodelista post

This beautiful picture on Remodelista set off a chain of events   We have been lucky enough to inherit some things from hubbies great-aunt and her family. You see auntie was a wonderful… Les videre

Thrifty February

We have been to the flohmarkt in Aurich and Emden this month and I just have to mention the culture difference between these two cities.  Aurich is a more well to do area… Les videre

Thrifty January

Back in Germany after a nice stay in Norway and ready to shop. Well, if it was not for one annoying detail, empty bank accounts.  Christmas does take its toll and since I… Les videre

December Thrift shop finds

Earlier this month, I was at the flea and antique markets in Emden and Leer.  Unfortunately, all that driving yielded little more than a few postcards. But then I got to do a… Les videre

Independence Day -Flea market finds

The summer flea markets are getting smaller and smaller but I still can find some things I need. I just can’t get enough of these tea tins. Ostfriesland is a tea drinkers paradise, hence the decorative tea tins

Flea market finds June edition

Today’s market in Emden yielded some more linens, a cat basket and some decorative odds and ends. My favorite is the Spritzdekor pie tray.  We have wonderful weather with 26 degrees Celsius and sunshine.  A… Les videre