Kringloop* days

Kringloop eller loppis dager i Nederland var innholdsrik for meg. Det gikk en oransje tråd gjennom handle korgen.

Wife - in captivity

The Dutch are very clever environmental activists. They walk or bicycle everywhere, they live in reasonably sized houses and they have a clear focus on the three R’s: Reuse, Renew and Recycle.

We tumbled in on MamaMini‘s celebration of Kringloop days in Groningen and got a cup of coffee and a cookie along with our great deals!

This is the second bread box of this type I have picked up. The other is screaming orange and maybe not suitable for all interiors. I love that there isn’t any bread that will go in these petite 60’s sized bread boxes.

This rather elegant chocolate tin is also in the same vein as this other fun shaped tin I found this summer in Wilhelmshavn.

This pale colored Dutch world map was a surprising find. I have only been coming across all the grossest bug posters from schools lately. Hey don’t they need maps in schools anymore?

I couldn’t pass…

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