Thrifting in Prato


On our way north we stopped in Prato just in time for their flea market. Prato is a center for the textile industry in Northern Italy and we came across a shop with shirting fabric in the window. They did not sell fabric as I initially suspected but they did custom make some of the coolest denim shirts I have ever seen for around 70 euros. The lovely shop owner directed me to the nearest fabric store where I got some of the finest woven shirting twill I have seen.

Afterwards, we wandered through the market, which is every fourth Sunday of the month near the Piazza del Comune. It had lots of jewelry and vintage handbags. A nicely dressed woman had several used Louis Vuitton bags and Ferragamo sunglasses laid out on her table. I think she was hoping for some sales so she could update her accessories.


Another dealer saw me coming and doubled the price on his tin for biscotti, so I was forced to keep walking. We did finally find something for our TV room in Norway, in the color of the month, turquoise.

I am actually a horrible thrifter, I just can not bring myself to bargain. They say a price and I am almost always surprised that they don’t want more. So, I quickly say yes before they change their mind. I really need to work on that.