Ode to Remodelista post

This beautiful picture on Remodelista set off a chain of events


We have been lucky enough to inherit some things from hubbies great-aunt and her family. You see auntie was a wonderful asset manager.  She kept everything that was worth having wrapped lovingly in plastic and stored in a box that went into a cupboard sorted by type.  Of course, for the direct family this was very overwhelming sorting through 3 lifetimes.  Auntie outlived her daughter and husband and all of their treasures were also lovingly wrapped in plastic and sat on a shelf.

So I came back to Norway to help with the sorting at aunties and along the way it has rained good fortune on us also.  We are now the none musically inclined owners of a piano, ucayali and violin. As well as many other exciting items. I can not bear to see anything thrown away.

Today i would like to focus on the carpenters bench.  Great uncle was an engineer and a clever one at that.  His occupation was a building engineer and he drew houses and doors and details so that his study was full of rolls of paper detailing many of the homes built-in this town. But he also loved to make things with his hands, he carved wood and made beautiful things.  To do this he used a carpenters bench and the one he had was of a proper size.

When my father in law asked if I we wanted it, I yelped YES much to the confusion of hubby.  To illustrate my true interest I had to present the picture from Remodelista that I had seen just a few days before. After the laughing stopped and they realized I was serious we got the ok to pick it up and I have been on cloud nine since.

The entrance in our Norway home is boring and needed something to rough it up a bit. The workbench was just the perfect item. So after a good scrubbing and a beeswax massage the bench was ready for some styling.  Styling is not cheap so I have calculated a design per kilo price for hubby, only 33 kroner per kilo, hon.

Everything except the fabulous lamp was rescued from aunties.  An entire box filled with plaids from the 60’s. Carved horse pull toys and tins!  Let me tell you I was in heaven!

But still we needed a bit of height on the right side.

So back to the store…

I am very pleased with the result and it is so much nicer to come home to this than a bland hallway.